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Mary Cummins, Real Estate Appraiser, Animal Advocates, Los Angeles, California
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Friday, August 11, 2023

Real Cause of racial home value gap is the Income Gap by Mary Cummins Real Estate Appraiser

The ACLU wrote about the racial wealth gap. They noted the income gap, homeownership rate gap and mortgage gap. They didn't once blame any of this on real estate appraisers. Imagine that. #black #white #IncomeGap #wealthgap #homeownershiprate #race #money

I just read an article on the income gap. It said there is almost no white, black income gap for poor and lower income individuals. There is a smaller income gap for the middle class. “What this shows is that 97 percent of the overall racial wealth gap is driven by households above the median of each racial group.” This would mean most of the income, wealth gap is coming from the top earners. It's a class gap. I would bet that most of the income, wealth gap is coming from the super rich who are mainly white. "The richest 10 percent of white households who own 75 percent of all white wealth. Indeed, over two-thirds of racial gap reflects the differences in assets held by the top ten percent of households in each group. Class, not race is the major driver of wealth inequality." Most of the wealth gap is caused by difference in the top ten percent in each group! It's probably mainly caused by some very rich white people. 

"White average wealth ($929,800), which is more influenced by very rich families and does not characterize the typical experience, is 6.7 times greater than Black average wealth ($138,100)." This means that most white people should be complaining about the income, wealth gap between low to mid income and upper class. That's where the biggest gap exists. 80% of the gap is coming from the top 10%. Instead of wasting time on the wealth gap between white, black we need to look at the wealth gap between everyone under the median compared to the top 10%. I bet most wealth in the country is concentrated in the top 1-3%. And I was correct, "Federal Reserve data indicates that as of Q4 2021, the top 1% of households in the United States held 32.3% of the country's wealth, while the bottom 50% held 2.6%."

I will try to see if I can figure out what the income, wealth gap would be if we omitted the super rich with net worths over $5,000000. Multi-millionaires and billionaires could be skewing the data. They are. "Federal Reserve data indicates that as of Q4 2021, the top 1% of households in the United States held 32.3% of the country's wealth, while the bottom 50% held 2.6%."

The income gap is directly related to the homeownership rate. The current homeownership rate for Black and Hispanic homeowners now stand 29 and 23 percentage points lower than the 73% white homeownership rate. This again is all related to socioeconomic factors i.e. income.

There would probably still be a gap because of other socioeconomic factors such as married/single but it would probably be less.We really need to figure out the real problem so we can find a real solution. Blaming the income, wealth gap on appraisers, racism is just wasting time and money that could be better help working on issues that could change things.

I wrote about the the real cause of the home value gap earlier which is the income gap. I need to update it based on AEI's updated research and new article on income/wealth gap. Their recent research shows that whites and blacks who make more money have more money and buy more expensive homes in more expensive areas. There is almost no racial income, wealth gap under median income, wealth. Most of it comes from the top 1%. The wealth gap is mainly from stocks, investments of the top 1% who are mainly white. It's not from home values. All whites, blacks, Latinos...should be complaining about having less income, wealth and owning less valuable homes. It feels like people are trying to pit blacks against whites by spreading this false narrative supported by totally fraudulent paper by Andre Perry. Are super wealthy white people using Andre Perry to stoke the flames of a race war so people won't realize the real issue is the wealth gap between the top 1% and everyone else?

It's so frustrating to see HUD get bamboozled by lenders and politicians into thinking the cause is appraisers and appraisals. No one else seems to think so including other government departments. The lenders have just been using the false narrative of the alleged racist appraiser to be able to use AVMs Automated Valuation Methods. AVMs make lenders more money. They can also get the value they want so they can close the deal. AVMs are bad for buyers, government, economy, stock market and investors.

Mary Cummins of Cummins Real Estate is a certified residential licensed appraiser in Los Angeles, California. Mary Cummins is licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate appraisers and has over 35 years of experience.

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