Mary Cummins, Real Estate Appraiser, Animal Advocates, Los Angeles, California

Mary Cummins, Real Estate Appraiser, Animal Advocates, Los Angeles, California
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Monday, January 9, 2023

Cancel Culture is Destroying Freedom of Speech on Important Issues by Mary Cummins Real Estate Appraiser

mary cummins, real estate appraiser, appraiser, appraisal, real estate,real estate appraisal, los angeles, california, racism, cancel culture, bias, black, white, freedom of speech
mary cummins, real estate appraiser, appraiser, appraisal, real estate,real estate appraisal, los angeles, california, racism, cancel culture, bias, black, white, freedom of speech

If someone does something racist, they should be called out and educated. If a police officer murders a black man, they should be arrested and tried in a court of law. If someone just talks about these issues, they shouldn't be attacked, sued, have their business ruined, reputation destroyed, be harassed, threatened and assaulted. It doesn't make any sense. It harms freedom of speech, promotes racism and destroys any chance at public discourse of the issues.

Lizzo took a moment on a Sunday morning to share her concerns about cancel culture.“This may be a random time to say this but it’s on my heart.. cancel culture is appropriation,” Lizzo tweeted on Sunday (Jan. 8).“There was real outrage from truly marginalized people and now it’s become trendy, misused and misdirected,” she wrote. Lizzo continued: “I hope we can phase out of this & focus our outrage on the real problems.”

People are more upset about people talking about racist issues than the actual racism, race violence and hate crimes. People are more upset about someone stating facts about the false narrative of the racist appraiser than they are about real racism against blacks, the wealth gap or the fact that blacks, Latinos have little generational wealth. We appraisers can't even talk about the issue without being attacked, harassed on social media, getting false negative business reviews, death threats or threats of physical harm. Appraisers can't even comment on articles about the false narrative of the "racist appraiser" or we'll be viciously attacked. In fact some appraisers, AMCs and lenders have piled on to the false narrative in order to garner praise, seem woke, appear to be doing something about racism, get business, positive press and to not be attacked over the same issues. Some lenders have even used this issue to rip off POC by luring them in with promises of no racism only to charge them higher rates which is racist.

The real issue here is the income and related wealth gap between whites and POC. Because POC make less money, they have less money and wealth including generational wealth. Because they have less money and wealth, they buy and own less expensive homes in less expensive areas. The cause of the difference in value between white and black, brown owned homes is not the fault of the real estate appraiser. The data used in these misleading articles didn't even come from appraisers or appraisals but flawed automated valuation methods, robots, software programs by failed Zillow. The real problem is the income gap. Tell politicians and the government to fix the income gap. Assaulting real estate appraisers will never fix the problem.

Someone on Twitter stated in response to Lizzo's tweet, "Jessica Ballinger @BallingerMom Replying to @lizzo

Absolutely ❤️ There are very real issues that warrant outrage… I sometimes wonder if cancel culture stems from people feeling impotent against those bigger issues, so they go after simpler targets to feel better about themselves, like they did something."

I can understand the feeling of wanting to do something about racism but harming an innocent bystander is wrong. If someone sees racism against POC by white people, that doesn't give them the right to beat up and kill any white skinned person they see. That's just as racist as the racism they say they hate. It's also hypocritical.

In this situation by forcing real estate appraisers to shut up about the false "racist appraiser" narrative they are destroying freedom of speech and any public discourse on the issue. Instead the public only sees the misleading articles about specific cases in the media which are false. The media now writes these articles to get more outrage, traffic to sell more ads. One media will share the article by another media to make money off ads. 

I've written about some of those cases here. The homeowners weren't low balled due to the fact they were black and the appraiser was white. The homeowners weren't even low balled in the specific cases I reviewed here. The specific properties were appraised using the closest most similar sold comparables. They were all near the edges of more valuable but very different neighborhoods. They were worth less than homes in the next neighborhood for very good reasons. The homeowners just wanted their homes to be worth more and were maybe misled by Zillow, RedFn and other robot "Zestimates."

I really hope in 2023 appraisers will be allowed to write articles about these issues or at least comment on articles without being so viciously attacked that they have to delete their comments or only comment anonymously. That doesn't help anyone. It just perpetuates racism and hatred against white appraisers.

Mary Cummins of Cummins Real Estate is a certified residential licensed appraiser in Los Angeles, California. Mary Cummins is licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate appraisers and has over 35 years of experience.

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