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Mary Cummins, Real Estate Appraiser, Animal Advocates, Los Angeles, California
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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Why Did Marcia Fudge "Resign" from HUD? by Mary Cummins Real Estate Appraiser

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real estate appraisal,real estate appraiser,resignation,marcia fudge,housing and urban development,HUD,mary cummins,fired,joe biden,quit,cabinet,president,resigned,campaign, democrat

*This article has embedded linked research and articles which support the statements. You may not be able to see the links based on your browser settings so hover. Everything in this article is backed up with independent research based on government data.

Today March 11, 2024 Marcia Fudge announced her resignation as the head of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Department via email. Her resignation will be effective March 22, 2024. Below is Marcia Fudge's press release about her departure as the Secretary of Housing in President Joe Biden's White House cabinet. The press release also includes a list of her alleged achievements.

The New York Times posted an article about Marcia Fudge's departure. The article stated that President Joe Biden told his Department heads last fall that he wanted them to either leave quickly or stay on until after the election. Marcia Fudge promised she would stay then all of a sudden she "resigned" with "mixed emotions." Just March 7, 2024 the White House stated they had a cabinet in place that will stay for the election then four days later she resigned. Many question giving only 11 days notice to leave a cabinet position. One other cabinet member Eric Lander stepped down due to reports of bullying staff. Maybe that was also Fudge's issue. Fudge stated "I do believe strongly that I have done just about everything I could do at HUD for this administration as we go into this crazy silly season of an election." "Silly election season" makes one thinks she believes her departure is politically motivated. Maybe her ouster has to do with the Dept being audited and/or the campaign and election. In the NY Times article she stated she wants to spend more time with her 92 year old mother. If that were true, she would have left a while ago. I saw her at the State of the Union address happily shaking everyone's hands. No one knows the real reason but some have possible explanations for the quick unexpected departure.

As a real estate broker, appraiser I have been following Marcia Fudge very closely ever since she was nominated to be the head of HUD. She had no background in real estate, housing, economics yet she was confirmed to be the head of the Housing Department. Many believe she was appointed because of Joe Biden's diversity promises. He promised to appoint black women to positions of power. I'm all for diversity. We all know Biden's predecessor's cabinet was as white as a sheet and almost all male. We desperately need more people of color and women in the upper echelons of government. They just should be qualified, honest and able to get along with people for the greater good of the nation. As a Representative Fudge was never on a housing committee or involved in any housing organization. Fudge herself even mentions the concept of tokenism by stating to Politico November 2020 “We’re going to have to stop looking at only certain agencies as those that people like me fit in. You know, it’s always ‘we want to put a Black person in labor or HUD.’” Sounds like she didn't even want to be at HUD.

My personal issue with Marcia Fudge is the outright lies she told the American people. Fudge's lies hurt everyone in the US because millions were diverted to "fix" a problem that doesn't exist. That money should have been used to fix the real problem which is income inequality which doesn't even fall under her department. She also defamed and attacked real estate appraisers in the process. 

Fudge promoted the false narrative of the "old white racist male" appraiser low-balling blacks and Latinos without any proof whatsoever. I believe it's because she is racist. She promoted the false and totally misleading paper from Andre Perry's book "Know Your Price." Fudge insisted on stating the lie as fact that live appraisers "low ball" the appraisal values of blacks and Latinos and caused them to lose $156,000,000,000 in home equity. American Enterprise Institute AEI proved that Andre Perry's paper was totally false. 

The real issue is income inequality among whites, blacks, Latinos. People who make more money buy more expensive homes. They also buy more expensive cars. Whites make more money than blacks, Latinos so they buy and own more expensive homes in more expensive areas. The correlation between value of white and black homes is income and not race. Appraisers have nothing to do with income inequality. We appraisers didn't even make the appraisals used in Perry's paper. Perry used totally inaccurate robot Zillow values! Appraisers generally don't even know the race of the homeowners or borrowers.

Perry's paper was based on Zillow robot Automated Valuation Methods and not appraisals made by live appraisers. Fudge didn't care and lied stating "old white male" appraisers were responsible for the differences in value. The narrative fit her racist agenda. Those statements were proven to be totally false by independent research by American Enterprise Institute. There is no racism in real estate appraisal values. Fudge then used this fake paper and false facts to write the Biden ordered PAVE Task Force report. AEI has refuted the report in their reply to the government. Fudge wasted millions in resources to write a fake report about a fake problem then stated she alone could fix it then she didn't. Nothing has changed! Fudge didn't fix anything and definitely not the real issues which don't even fall under her department. The real issue is income inequality which falls under the department of labor. Fudge just wanted the extra funding and attention to her department. The entire PAVE report was based on Fudge's lies and wasn't even needed.

Fudge also promoted her fake story about the home across the highway from her home being worth twice as much as her home "only" because a white person owned it. In fact this lie may have finally been part of her undoing. Late January 2024 Joe Biden told this crazy fake story which is based on Marcia Fudge's outright lie. "Today, a home owned by a Black family on one side of a highway, built by the same  builder on the other side of the highway and a white guy living in it, the white guy's home is valued more than the Black guy's!," he said. "I know you know it. And guess what, that's how you build generational wealth."

I debunked Marcia Fudge's big lie here in this blog by valuing her home and the ones across the highway. You can't find the article via Google search because someone (Marcia?) complained and it was removed from search results. The home across the highway from Marcia Fudge's home is newer luxury quality built in a new private community built way off the highway on private streets. Fudge's home is much older, lower quality, fairer condition built on the main highway. The homes are totally different in very different locations so of course they would have different values. This shows that either Fudge doesn't understand the basics of property valuation and is incompetent to be the head of HUD or she's just a racist liar promoting her own agenda. I doubt she even knows the color of the people who own the homes across the highway from her. Race, color isn't listed on ownership deeds. The tenant isn't always the owner. On top of this Fudge is complaining about their inaccurate Zillow values. She's not talking about their actual market or appraisal values. There are no appraisals of Fudge's home and the homes across the street to compare. No appraisers were involved.

Many real estate experts, agents, appraisers have sent in many letters to HUD about Marcia Fudge's many lies. I've sent in a few. Nothing happened except Fudge repeated the lies. Maybe this story making Biden look like a total blithering idiot was the final straw. Many media sites picked up on the crazy nonsensical story. Fudge has stated this same fake story all over the media. Here I debunk her false CNN presentation. I'm pretty sure these false stories by Fudge would have been used against Biden during the campaign. Clearly Biden believed her bullshit until he repeated her fake home story and everyone called him a crazy idiot. I doubt he'll repeat that story.

Fudge also got way too cozy with lenders, AMCs during her tenure at HUD. They pitched her the idea of getting rid of appraisers/appraisals to save consumers money and time. They lied and supported her lie that appraisers are biased so they could make more money while allegedly reducing bias. They asked to use appraisal waivers, AVMs, drive-by appraisals and hybrid appraisals done by non appraisers. HUD agreed and consumers didn't save any money. Instead lenders, AMCs keep the valuation fee in house for reviewing an AVM. Not only that but waivers, AVMs, drive-by appraisals and hybrids have real built in bias by their very nature. No one really knows the true market value of all those homes. Maybe there was insufficient equity or the homes never met loan requirements. Many of these loans are sold and resold as investment vehicles. Many could go bad and they actually have. 

Another issue I have with Fudge is her giving government money to her friends. Fudge gave grants to her friends at private fair housing organizations. These organizations promoted Fudge's false narrative of the racist white appraiser. They stated their research, legal actions against innocent appraisers are the "solution" to US's housing issues. Government money was wasted and lives were destroyed in the process while no racial bias was found. They supported and widely shared the fake paper by Andre Perry. Maybe she was finally caught giving contracts to close, close friends. Her cronyism at HUD was definitely off the charts. 

Another issue though minor is Fudge violating the Hatch Act. In March 2021, during a White House press conference, Fudge made comments on the upcoming Senate election in her home state of Ohio suggesting that Democrats could win it. As a result, she was accused of violating the Hatch Act of 1939. After an investigation, the Office of Special Counsel determined she had violated the Hatch Act. Fudge received a warning. Not a big deal really but still.

Another point "in 2015, Fudge wrote a letter asking for leniency in the sentencing of Cleveland politician Lance Mason on felony assault and domestic violence charges. Fudge described Mason as "kind", and wrote that "Lance [...] has assured me that something like this will never happen again." Mason subsequently attacked and killed his ex-wife, in 2018, stabbing her 59 times. After the murder, Fudge released a statement saying she condemned the crimes committed by Mason."

On top of all of this Fudge is extremely abrasive and abusive. She truly enjoys attacking, degrading appraisers and others in public meetings. She has a huge race, wealth chip on her shoulder which she doesn't hide but proudly flaunts. She wanted to be the head of Agriculture Dept so that may be part of it. Almost every meeting she starts in the same way walking to the podium and stating "Good afternoon." If everyone in the room does not loudly say "Good afternoon, Madam Fudge!" she will put her finger in her ear, shake her head at the audience negatively like she didn't hear their response and say it again to force people to respond as if the audience were in the army or prison. She clearly has major personal insecurities to feel the need to treat people in this manner. One example here 

If you search this blog, you will see the other articles I've written about her insulting, harassing, demeaning behavior in government meetings. I highly doubt she wanted to leave this position on her own as she clearly enjoys and relishes being abusive. I believe she was pushed out which is why she has "mixed emotions." Maybe the campaign audited her department and realized she was wasting funds and not accomplishing the goals of HUD. This will be used against Biden in the campaign and election by the GOP. 

I personally feel Marcia Fudge was probably asked to resign because she's a liability in the upcoming election. The lie she told to Joe Biden about her home value which he repeated was the wake-up call for Biden's campaign. The lies she told in the PAVE report and government money she wasted on worthless "solutions" were probably other factors. Her cronyism and giving money to friends also hurt her. Lastly her horribly abrasive, abusive personality and media appearances harm Biden and his campaign. 

Fudge's press release about her departure reads like a golden handshake. She mainly touts a few odd suspect accomplishments resume style. I think she saw the end coming because of an investigation into her actions because she released something similar in February which I thought was odd. It wasn't end of year reporting. I'll be writing another article about her housing "accomplishments" during her term but a few notes. Don't get me wrong. She was 1,000x better than Ben Carson. I just think Trump probably told him to run the Dept into the ground. Even I could have done better than Carson.

"HUD's mission is to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all." Our housing crisis is much worse since she was head of HUD. Per HUD homelessness is way up and housing affordability is way down. Things haven't improved. Here's just one fake accomplishment from her list "Ensuring that people who have paid their debt to society can get a fair shot at a second chance and have a home;"  Fudge proposed changing a rule to allow convicted criminals convicted of fraud or perjury to do work for HUD in relation to fair housing investigations. Why would someone hire someone convicted of lying and committing fraud to do legal investigations which could possibly end up in a court of law? Their testimony could be easily tossed because they are convicted liars. Comments were due 01/11/24. I don't know if it became law. 

Fudge's replacement will be Deputy Secretary Adrianne Todman. Joe Biden will not nominate a new head until after the election. They'd never be confirmed in time before the election. Todman is just like Fudge so nothing will change until they find a new head. I can only hope they find someone who is qualified who won't lie and can actually improve housing for our country. We don't have enough housing which is one cause of the homeless and affordability issues. It's also an issue for our economy especially because of recent rate hikes. We also have an income inequality issue.

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Mary Cummins of Cummins Real Estate is a certified residential licensed appraiser in Los Angeles, California. Mary Cummins is licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate appraisers and has over 35 years of experience.

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