Mary Cummins, Real Estate Appraiser, Animal Advocates, Los Angeles, California

Mary Cummins, Real Estate Appraiser, Animal Advocates, Los Angeles, California
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Friday, June 7, 2024

Appraisal Institute Women's Initiative Committee Meetings by Mary Cummins Real Estate Appraiser

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Just attended the Appraisal Institute Women's Initiative Committee (WIN) Zoom meeting hosted by the Southern California Chapter. Lots of great women and men at the meeting discussing the appraisal industry and women appraiser issues. There were quite a few Appraisal Institute scholarship women at the meeting. Great seeing more women join the profession. Main speaker today was Melissa Bach, MAI CRE. Lianna Ayala, Linda Whittlesey, SRA, Ariana Arredondo and over 30 others hosted and attended. 

"The purpose and objective of the committee is to promote the advancement of women within the appraisal profession. In monthly Zoom meetings, we will host discussions of relevant topics, invite special guest speakers, network, and assess the unique challenges and opportunities we face. All are welcome to attend. Appraisal Institute membership is not required, and the Zoom meetings are free of charge. Meetings will be held the first Friday of the month, from 12-1pm via Zoom." Cummins Real Estate Services #appraisalinstitute #WIN #womensinitiativecommittee #marycummins #realestateappraiser #realestateappraisal

Mary Cummins of Cummins Real Estate is a certified residential licensed appraiser in Los Angeles, California. Mary Cummins is licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate appraisers and has over 35 years of experience.

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